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Please check with Barnes & Noble’s Anchorage Bookstore.

Thank you!

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Be sure that I will share this with friends!

Time flies.  We are back in Virginia.  Alaska is simply amazing.  It was definitely a treat to all our eyes.  And the knowledge we gained is priceless.  The showcases in… << Read More

I can hardly wait to save more!!

I love it!!  I just booked our hotel and saved $200 versus the online rate!!!  Thanks so much.  I can hardly wait to save more!!

I wish that all people did business like you!

Thank you for the nice, very informative reply.  I appreciate it.  I’m just going to order the books and have them sent to my house before we leave for Alaska…. << Read More

Leaves a nice feeling in my heart about friendly Alaskan behavior

As luck would have it, your coupon book arrived today! So it is unnecessary to go through the possibilities of a second shipment. Sorry for the bother, due to my… << Read More

Next time we come back we will definitely get another

Hey Jeff!  Thanks again for the book and also speaking with my wife and me about things to do in Alaska (we were the couple who stopped by last Tuesday… << Read More

Once again I appreciate you very very much.

I really appreciate this , I am very very thankful to you. I am going to put some very good words on the internet about you and this northern lights… << Read More

Thank you so much for all the great advice!

Thank you for all your help on the phone today. I went ahead and ordered the coupon book online. We already booked the Ninilchik charter Halibut trip, sooo excited! Thank… << Read More

Thanks again for editing this book!

I have received the coupon books yesterday. Some restaurants look nice too. The resorts on Kauai island are awesome. We may move our 2013 Kalalau hiking trip to September 2012…. << Read More

Thanks again for your generous offer!

Jeff, I really do appreciate your willingness to try to work something out. My wife and I are “construction missionaries and move each week to a different church, campground, Dream… << Read More

Thanks for such a fast reply; much appreciated!

I already made a reservation for a Kenai Fjords cruise (the Northwestern one) which should be great.  I submitted a request for the Ninilchik Homer Halibut Fishing thing online (stating… << Read More